Set of 3 Kanwrite Ebonite Feeds for #6 Fountain Pen Nibs

  • $14.99

Set of 3 Kanwrite Replacement Ebonite Feeds for #6 Fountain Pen Nibs

Well channeled Kanwrite ebonite feeds most suitable for #6 Flex/Ultra Flex Fountain Pen Nibs in Eyedropper/Piston Filler Pens.

Product Description

Material : Ebonite
Make : Kanwrite
Diameter : 6.35 mm (1/4 inch)
Length : 38.10mm mm (1.5 inches)

This feed can be used as replacement feed for most of the Indian Eyedropper/Piston Filler Pens using #6 nibs (35 mm long nibs) and Indian #8 nibs.

The price listed is for 3 Kanwrite Fountain Pen Ebonite Feeds.

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