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A man's character can be judged from his style of writing” so they say.

From the age old ezhuthani to feather to fountain pen to ballpoint pen, this simple writing material has made a long journey. It has created revolutions, wars and culture.

Hi there,

I am Saji - the owner of this online store www.kiwipens.com. I have always had a passion for fountain pens. The feel it gives when you hold it and the power it can create…Oh !

From childhood, I love stationery, especially the fountain pens. I have been collecting fountain pens right from my school days. During the last several years I have been collecting so many pens, mainly Indian Pens  and few foreign. Couple of years back I met Mr. A C Ramachandran of KIM Pens, one of the master pen  craftsmen of India. Now during my free time, I visit him and learn the  exquisite art of making fountain pens.
Professionally, I am an M.Com and MBA (both in Finance) and had been working full time till November 2017. I left my full time job in Dec 2017 and from 2018 concentrating on this hobby business/passion. I have full support of my family in this venture.
On offer at this website are mainly KIM ACR Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pens, in addition to other Vintage and high quality Indian pens and accessories. KIM ACR pens are made by A C Ramachandran. He has been making pens for the last 60 plus years. His pens are well known for its simple but elegant design and  top-notch build quality. The special feature of KIM-ACR eyedropper pens are it never leaks or burps ink.
I have been selling on eBay, under the seller name xunil71 from 2017.  Also have an Etsy shop named KiwiPens. I ensure 100% satisfaction to all my customers.

Thanks for reading.
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