KIM ACR Regular Cigar Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pen - Rose Brown/Black Rippled

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KIM ACR Regular Cigar Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pen - Rose Brown/Black Rippled

Product Description:

Handmade ebonite fountain pen by one of the master pen makers of India. This is an eyedropper fountain pen - meaning bottled ink is directly filled into the pen barrel. Cannot use ink cartridges or converters.
Special Feature – no ink burping (which is common in eyedropper pens).


Product Specification:

Pen Material & Colour :
Cap: Ebonite – Rose Brown/Black Rippled
Barrel: Ebonite – Rose Brown/Black Rippled
Section: Ebonite – Black
Feed: Ebonite – Black (Well Channelled)

Cap Type: Screw type Cap with Triple Start Thread (cap opens or closes with 2 turns)
Nib Type & Material: Gold Plated Stainless Steel 8 No. Nib (bit shorter than #6 nib)
Nib Point: Indian Fine (Iridium Tipped) - writes between Western F & EF
Filling Mechanism: Eyedropper
Ink Capacity: 2.5 ml

Pen Size – Medium Size
Pen Weight – Capped 23 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped 15 gm

Pen Length – Capped 150 mm or 5.89 inch
Pen Length – Uncapped 131 mm or 5.15 inch
Pen Length – Posted 172 mm or 6.76 inch
Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section 112 mm or 4.40 inch
Pen Length – Section only 16 mm or 0.63 inch

Pen Cap Diameter 15.7 mm or 0.62 inch
Pen Barrel Diameter 14 mm or 0.55 inch
Pen Section Diameter 11.5 mm or 0.45 inch


Note 1: The actual measurements may differ slightly as each pen is handmade.

Note 2: The actual colour of the pen may differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations

Note 3: The rippled/mottled/swirl design of ebonite rods are unique, and no two ebonite pens have the same design. So the design of the ebonite pen you get may differ from the design of the ebonite pen shown in the pictures.

Note 4:There might be minute color spots on the pen body due to slight impurities in the ebonite rod.

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