Kiwi Ipsit CT Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pen with Flex Nib - Dark Brown/Green Mottled

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Kiwi Ipsit CT Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pen with Flex Nib - Dark Brown/Green Mottled

Product Description:

This is my second handmade fountain pen for sale. Fully turned using my vintage Swiss Watchmakers' lathe. The ebonite rod used is the leftover from my master - AC Ramachandran (KIM ACR).

The seamless body and the clipless design style of this pen is largely influenced by some Japanese pens. The long section is influenced by some European pens .

This is an eyedropper fountain pen - i.e, bottled ink is directly filled into the pen barrel. You cannot use ink cartridges or converters.

Special Feature –Seamless Body,  no/least ink burping (which is a common problem with eyedropper pens), Ebonite Feed and Kanwrite Ultra Flex nib

The pen is almost free from ink burping. Use Silicone Grease on Grip/Section threads, to avoid any potential ink leakage.

Note on using this Flex nib pen:
Some experience of using a flex nib is required, so this pen is not recommended to those who are very new to flex nibs.
Slight pressure is required to get the flex. Do write slower than usual, especially when flexing. Over pressure and speed could cause "railroading".

The flex nib on this pen can produce a line width ranging from 0.35mm (normal, no flex writing) to 1.35mm (full Flex). Even though the nib is capable of producing more wider line, it is not recommended as this might cause a permanent damage to the nib.

Product Specification

Pen Type: Fountain Pen
Pen Manufacturer/Brand: Kiwi
Pen Model: Ipsit CT

Pen Material & Colour:

Cap: Ebonite – Dark Brown/Green Mottled
Barrel: Ebonite – Dark Brown/Green Mottled
Section: Ebonite – Black
Feed: Ebonite – Black (Well Channelled feed)

Cap Type: Screw type Cap with Triple Start Thread (cap open/close with 2 turns)
Nib Type & Material: Kanwrite Stainless Steel #6, 35mm Full Flex/Ultra Flex  (TTF) Nib
Nib Point: EF
Filling Mechanism: Eyedropper
Ink Capacity: 2.75 ml

Pen Size – Regular
Pen Weight – Capped : 22.90 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped: 16.75 gm

Pen Length – Capped: 151.00 mm (5.94 inch)
Pen Length – Uncapped: 139.00 mm (5.47 inch)
Pen Length – Posted: NOT POSTABLE
Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section: 117.00 mm (4.61 inch)
Pen Length – Section only: 23.25 mm (0.92 inch)

Pen Cap Diameter: 14.20 mm (0.56 inch)
Pen Barrel Diameter: 14.20 mm (0.56 inch)
Pen Section Diameter: 10.00 mm to 10.50 mm (0.39 to 0.41 inch)

Additional Notes:
Note 1: The actual measurements may differ slightly as each pen is handmade.
Note 2: The actual colour of the pen may differ from the images shown because of different monitor settings/calibrations
Note 3: The rippled/mottled/swirl design of ebonite rods are unique, and no two ebonite pens have the same design. So the design of the ebonite pen you get may differ from the design of the ebonite pen shown in the pictures.
Note 4: There might be minute colour spots on the pen body due to slight impurities in the ebonite rod.

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