Vintage Butterfly Indian Eye Dropper Fountain Pen (NOS) - Black Demonstrator

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Butterfly Indian Eye Dropper Fountain Pen (NOS) Black Demonstrator
Product Description:
Butterfly is one of the pen brands from India, dysfunctional at present . They made good quality plastic/acrylic pens during 1990s. This is a New Old Stock (NOS) pen - Eye Dropper Filling Mechanism with transparent barrel (demonstrator)

Pen Type: Fountain Pen
Pen Manufacturer/Brand: Butterfly
Pen Model: Demo

Product Specification :-
Pen Material & Color:
Cap : Plastic – Black
Barrel: Plastic – Transparent / Demonstrator
Section: Plastic – Black, Matte Finish
Feed: Ebonite – Black, Well Channelled

Cap Type: Screw On Cap (Requires only 1.5 turns to open/close)
Nib Type & Material: Gold Plated Stainless Steel Monotone # 6 Nib
Nib Point: Indian Fine (Iridium Tipped)
Filling Mechanism: Eye Dropper
Ink Capacity: 3.75 ml

Pen Size :Regular
Pen Weight – Capped: 15 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped: 10 gm

Pen Length – Capped: 138 mm or 5.42 inch
Pen Length – Uncapped: 123 mm or 4.83 inch
Pen Length – Posted: 166 mm or 6.52 inch
Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section: 107 mm or 4.20 inch
Pen Length – Section only 19 mm or 0.75 inch

Pen Cap Diameter: 14 mm or 0.55 inch
Pen Barrel Diameter: 13 mm or 0.51 inch
Pen Section Diameter: 10.5 mm or 0.41 inch

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