Vintage Platignum School Fountain Pen (NOS) Made in England -Orange/Pink/Green

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Vintage Platignum Fountain Pen (NOS) - Made in England – Neon Pink & Orange/Green   

Product Description:  

This fountain pen is made by Platignum Pen Co, UK.  
The pen is a simple Cartridge Pen, and can be converted to Eyedropper Pen.
The pen comes with a small international blue ink cartridge.  
Pen Type  : Fountain Pen  
Pen Manufacturer/Brand  : Platignum Pen Co.  
Pen Model:  School Cartridge Pen  

Product Specification

Pen Material & Colour
Cap Plastic – Neon Orange with Pink Clip
Barrel Plastic – Neon Pink
Section Plastic – Neon Lemon Green
Feed Plastic – Black

Cap Type       : Snap On Cap
Nib Type & Material : Stainless Steel #5 Folded Nib  
Nib Point  : Western Fine (No Iridium Tipping)
Note : Vintage Ambitious/Swan (Made in India) Nib with iridium tipping is available with additional cost  
Filling Mechanism:  Cartridge/Converter. Can be converted to Eyedropper.  
Ink Capacity :  As per the Cartridge Capacity . 2.00 ml in ED mode  
Pen Size:  Regular Slim  
Pen Weight – Capped :        8 gm  
Pen Weight – Uncapped :     5 gm  
Pen Length – Capped :          131.75  mm  or  5.18  inch
Pen Length – Uncapped :  126.25  mm  or  4.96  inch
Pen Length – Posted :          151.00  mm  or  5.93  inch
Pen Length – Section only :  32.25  mm  or  1.27  inch
Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section :  110.50  mm  or  4.34  inch
Pen Cap Diameter :  11.50 mm  or  0.45  inch
Pen Barrel Diameter :  11.25 mm  or  0.44  inch
Pen Section Diameter :  9.60  mm           or  0.38  inch
Note 1: The actual colour of the pen may slightly differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations
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