Sanford PhD Gold Roller Ball Pen (Made in Japan)

  • $37.49

Sanford PhD Gold Roller Ball Pen (Made in Japan)

This product is no more in production and is a NOS (New Old Stock), rare to find item from 1980s. These pens are not individually packaged as they come in 6 pens per pack. 

Product Description:

The Sanford PhD line was specifically designed to reduce finger fatigue, and is endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association. It has an ergonomic triangular grip that is made of soft, cushioned rubber and is meant for comfort while writing.

Note: The original Sanford Black Ink Refill was dried out a long time ago, and is replaced with a Pentel 0.7mm LR7 Gel Roller Ball Refill. The ink colors available are Blue and Black.

Over the years the pens might have been transported to many places, and might not always been stored in ideal conditions, hence there might be few tiny scratches.



Pen dimensions: Approximately 5.6 inches (14.2 cm) long and 0.6 inches (15.5 mm) in diameter at widest point.

Model Number : SANFORD 68202
Manufacturer: Paper Mate
Body Color: Glossy Black
Body Material: Plastic
Clip Material: Metal
Clippable: Yes
Design Style: Ergonomic

Pen Weight : 24.00 gm
Pen Length : 142.00 mm
Pen Diameter : 15.50 mm
Diameter - Grip: 11.8 mm
Diameter - Max: 15.3 mm

Grip Color: Black
Grip Material: Rubber
Ink Refillable: Yes
Ink Refill Type : Euro Style /Standard Roller Ball Refill
Retractable : Yes
Mechanism: Click Top Retractable
Length - Retracted: 14.1 cm / 5.6 inches
Pre-Installed Ink Color: Blue/Black
Tip Material: Metal
Tip Size: 0.7 mm

The price listed above is for one unit of Sanford PHD Roller Ball Pen.

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