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Airmail/Wality 69T Eyedropper Acrylic Demonstrator Fountain Pen - Red

  • $24.99

Airmail/Wality 69T Eyedropper Acrylic Demonstrator Fountain Pen - Red/Black/Silver Marbled

Product Description:

Airmail Pen Company established in 1951 is one of the oldest pen manufacturing company in India which produces the best fountain pens in India. They sell fountain pens in 2 brands -  Wality and Airmail.

This pen has a handmade acrylic transparent barrel. The Cap and Section has marble design with black/silver/gold colours and no two pen has same designs.

Pen Type: Fountain Pen

Pen Manufacturer/Brand: Airmail/Wality

Pen Model: 69T

Product Specification:

Pen Material & Colour:

        Cap : Plastic – Red/Black/Silver/Silver Marbled

        Barrel: Acrylic Transparent (Handmade)  

        Section Plastic –  Red/Black/Silver/Silver Marbled   

        Feed Ebonite – Black  (Well Channelled)

Cap Type: Screw type Cap  

Nib Type & Material: Special Wality Stainless Steel Gold Plated Mono/Two Tone 8No. Nib

Nib Point: Fine/Medium (Iridium Tipped)

Filling Mechanism: Eyedropper

Ink Capacity: 2.25 ml

Fittings : Chrome Plated SS Clip, Cap Jewel and Cap Band


Pen Size      – Big Size

Pen Weight – Capped :   22 gm

Pen Weight – Uncapped: 13 gm

Pen Length – Capped: 143.50 mm

Pen Length – Uncapped: 129.0 mm

Pen Length – Posted: 174.0 mm

Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section: 110.50 mm

Pen Length – Section only: 17.00 mm

Pen Length – Cap: 69.50 mm

Pen Cap Diameter: 15.0 mm

Pen Barrel Diameter: 13.50 mm

Pen Section Diameter: 11.0 mm

Note 1: The actual measurements may differ slightly due to manual measurements

Note 2: The actual color of the pen may differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations  

Note 2: The marble design is unique to each pen and the design you get may slightly differ from the images shown here.

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