Bock Compatible Nib Unit with Kanwrite #6 (Flex) Fountain Pen Nib

  • $12.99

Bock Compatible Nib Unit with Kanwrite #6 (Flex) Fountain Pen Nib

This is a replacement nib unit made in India by Kanwrite for fountain pens with Bock Nib Unit. This Nib Unit includes a #6 (35mm ) Kanwrite Flex nib, a 6mm plastic Feed and a Housing.

Specification - Nib:

Material - Stainless Steel
Length - 34.25 mm
Width - 6.25 mm
Make : Kanwrite
Diameter : 9.18 mm (.360 inch)
Length : 23.28 mm mm (.916inches)
Tipping - Tipped with Iridium
Nib Points available for Flex Nibs: EF/F/M/

 Finish available : TTF (Two Tone Finish), SSF (Chrome/Stainless Steel Finish)

Specification - Feeder:

Material : Plastic, well channelled
Make : Kanwrite
Diameter : 6.00 mm (0.236 inch)
Length : 38.10mm mm (1.5 inches)


Specification - Housing:

Material : Plastic/Acrylic

Color : Clear (Transparent)/Black as available
Make : Kanwrite
Diameter : 7.90 mm (.315 inch)
Length : 22.00 mm (.866 inch)

Note 1: The engraving/ ornamental design on the nibs you get might be different from the pictures shown (plain design or ornamental design depends on the stock availability)

Note 2: These nib units are compatible only with fountain pens using Bock Nib units

The price listed is for one unit of Flex Nib unit

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