Kanwrite Heritage Piston Filler Fountain Pen - Royal Blue

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Kanwrite Heritage Piston Filler Fountain Pen - Royal Blue (Translucent)

Product Description:

Kanpur Writers (Kanwrite) is the manufactures of best quality nibs and fountain pens in India. They are the OEM for high quality nibs and pens for many brands in India and abroad, since 1986.
Kanwrite Heritage is a pen with Piston Filling Mechanism and ink window, made inspired by Aurora Optima and it is the top of the line Fountain Pen from Kanwrite.

Pen Type : Fountain Pen
Pen Manufacturer/Brand : Kanwrite
Pen Model : Heritage

Product Specification

Pen Material & Colour
Cap : Acrylic/Plastic - Translucent Royal Blue
Barrel : Acrylic/Plastic - Translucent Royal Blue

Section : Acrylic/Plastic - Translucent Royal Blue
Feed : Ebonite - Black

Cap Type : Screw Type (Requires only 2 and half turns to close or open)
Nib Type & Material: Stainless Steel #6 Nib (35mm).
Nib Point (Stock): Double Broad (BB) point, Iridium Tipped, Chrome Finish

Other Nib Points available : EF/F/M/B/BStub (1mm) nibs are available. Chrome and Two Tone Finish are available.

(Please mention your choice of Nib Point through buyers note)

Filling Mechanism : Piston Filler
Ink Capacity : ~1.00 ml
Fittings : Chrome Plated Clip, Cap & Barrel Rings

Pen Size : Medium
Pen Weight – Capped : 21.50 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped : 15.00 gm

Pen Length – Capped : 140.50 mm or 5.52 inches
Pen Length – Uncapped : 130.00 mm or 5.11 inches
Pen Length – Posted : 161.50 mm or 6.35 inches

Pen Length – Barrel & Section : 109.00 mm or 4.28 inches
Pen Length – Section : 19.00 mm or 0.75 inch
Pen Length – Cap : 64.00 mm or 2.51 inches
Pen Length – Barrel : 89.00 mm or 3.50 inches

Pen Cap Diameter (max) : 16.00 mm or 0.63 inch
Pen Barrel Diameter (max) : 14.65 mm or 0.58 inch
Pen Section Diameter (max) : 11.00 mm or 0.43 inch

Note 1 : The actual measurements may differ slightly due to manual measurements
Note 2 : The actual colour of the pen may differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations
Note 3 : The marbled pattern (if any) is unique to each pen and the pattern you get may slightly differ from the images shown here.

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