Set of 3 Vintage Sheaffer Compatible Fountain Pen Nibs (OEM Ambitious)

  • $14.99

Set of 3 Vintage Merchant (OEM Ambitious) Sheaffer Compatible Fountain Pen Nibs

This is a New Old Stock (NOS) fountain pen nib, made in India by Ambitious Writing Instruments for the now defunct pen brand Merchant.

This nib is compatible with Sheaffer NNS Fountain pens, Sheaffer Prelude, Sheaffer 300, etc

Note: This nib is not made by Sheaffer. Please check the specification before buying the item


Material : Stainless Steel, Chrome Finish
Tipping :  Iridium
Nib Point - Vintage Fine (writes more like an EF nib - with a line width of 0.45mm)
Length - 27.00 mm
Width at tails - 5.60 mm
Width at tails - 7.20 mm

The price is for 3 vintage Merchant fountain pen nibs.
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