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Vintage Beena Lincoln Piston Filler Fountain Pen (NOS) with Kanwrite Semi Flex Nib

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Vintage Beena Lincoln Piston Filler Fountain Pen (NOS) with Kanwrite Semi Flex Nib

Product Description:

Instawrite (the manufacturer behind the brands Beena & V'Sign) is one of the oldest manufactures of fountain pens in India. They are the OEM for many brands (Camlin, now defunct Chelpark , etc) in India since 1965. Their old model were branded under Beena, while the new models are branded under V’Sign.

Beena Lincoln Fountain Pen were manufactured during early 1990s, made inspired by Rotring Renaissance. This fountain pen has a Piston Ink Filling System, a removable screw-in nib unit, Chrome Plated Brass Cap and a Gold Plated Brass Clip.
The stock nib is replaced with Kanwrite Flex nib. The stock nib (Medium Point) is also included with this pen.

Pen Type : Fountain Pen
Pen Manufacturer/Brand : Beena/Instawrite
Pen Model : Beena Lincoln
Year of Manufacture : Early 1990s

Product Specification

Pen Material & Color:
Cap : Chrome Plated (brushed) Brass Cap and Gold Plated Brass Clip
Barrel : Resin/Plastic – Black
Section : Resin/Plastic – Black
Feed : Ebonite – Black

Cap Type : Threaded Cap
Nib Type & Material :  Kanwrite # 5.5 Flex Two Tone Nib (The stock Medium nib is replaced with Kanwrite Flex nib)
Nib Point : Flex F (in Two Tone Finish) / Flex EF (in Chrome Finish)
Filling System : Piston Filler
Ink Capacity : 1.00 ml
Fittings : Gold Plated Brass Clip, Chrome Plated Brass Cap

Pen Size : Regular
Pen Weight – Capped : 16.50 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped : 8.00 gm
Pen Length – Capped : 137.50 mm or 5.40 inch
Pen Length – Uncapped : 123.00 mm or 4.83 inch
Pen Length – Posted : 153.50 mm or 6.03 inch
Length – Barrel & Section : 105.00 mm or 4.13 inch
Length – Section : 19.00 mm or 0.75 inch
Length – Cap : 67.00 mm or 2.63 inch
Length – Barrel : 86.00 mm or 3.38 inch
Pen Cap Diameter : 12.00 mm or 0.47 inch
Pen Barrel Diameter : 11.00 mm or 0.43 inch
Pen Section Diameter : (max) 9.50 mm or 0.37 inch

Note 1: The actual color of the pen may slightly differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations

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