Vintage Dilip Eyedropper Fountain Pen #1 - Black

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Vintage Dilip Eyedropper Fountain Pen #1 - Blacka

Product Description

This fountain pen is made by Dilip Pen Co., Mumbai, India. The company became disfunctional during 1980s. They made pens in many different brand names such as Dilip, Naresh, Sheila, Liberty.
This pen is made in virgin plastic, with wide 4 step cap bands, barrel ring and ink window. The pen has an eyedropper filling system - i.e, bottled ink is directly filled into the pen barrel. Cannot use ink cartridges or converters.
This is a NOS pen and never has been inked. It has been stored for around 40 years and hence may have some marks of ageing.

The pen you get might have a brand name printed either Dilip, Naresh, Sheila, Liberty or with no brand printed.
Pen Type : Fountain Pen
Pen Manufacturer/Brand :  Dilip Pen Co.

Product Specification

Pen Material & Colour
Cap Plastic – Black
Barrel Plastic – Black
Section Plastic – Black
Feed Ebonite – Black (dia : 4.75 mm)
Fittings Chrome plated Clip, Wide cap ring, barrel end ring
Cap Type Screw Type
Nib Type & Material Godplated # 4 Stainless Steel
Nib Point Indian Fine (Iridium Tipped) – writes between modern day F and EF
Filling System Eyedropper
Ink Capacity 1.5 ml
Pen Size Regular
Pen Weight – Capped 15.5 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped 7.5 gm
Pen Length – Capped 133.0 mm or 5.23 inch
Pen Length – Uncapped 114.0 mm or 4.48 inch
Pen Length – Posted 158.0 mm or 6.21 inch
Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section 99.5 mm or 3.91 inch
Pen Length – Section only 15.0 mm or 0.59 inch
Pen Length – Cap 62.5 mm or 2.46 inch
Pen Length – Barrel Only 84.0 mm or 3.30 inch
Pen Cap Diameter 13.5 mm or 0.53 inch
Pen Barrel Diameter 12.0 mm or 0.47 inch
Pen Section Diameter 10.0 mm or 0.39 inch
Note 1: The actual colour of the pen may differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations
Note 2: This is a Vintage NOS pen and there are few micro scratches on the barrel/cap and small discoloration/rust on the metal parts
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