Vintage Platignum School Fountain Pen (NOS) - Made in England - Neon Pink & Green/Orange

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Vintage Platignum Fountain Pen (NOS) - Made in England – Neon Pink & Green/Orange
Product Description

This is a pen made by Platignum Pen Co, UK.
The pen is a simple Cartridge Pen, and can be converted to Eyedropper Pen.
The pen comes with a small international blue ink cartridge.

Pen Type Fountain Pen
Pen Manufacturer/Brand Platignum Pen Co
Pen Model School Cartridge Pen

Product Specification
Pen Material & Colour
Cap Plastic – Neon Pink with Orange Clip
Barrel Plastic – Neon Lemon Green
Section Plastic – Neon Orange
Feed Plastic – Black

Cap Type Snap On Cap
Nib Type & Material Stainless Steel #5 Folded Nib
Nib Point Western Fine (No Iridium Tipping)
Filling Mechanism Cartridge/Converter. Can be converted to Eyedropper.
Ink Capacity 2.00 ml

Pen Size Regular Slim
Pen Weight – Capped 8 gm
Pen Weight – Uncapped 5 gm

Pen Length – Capped 131.75 mm or 5.18 inch
Pen Length – Uncapped 126.25 mm or 4.96 inch
Pen Length – Posted 151.00 mm or 5.93 inch
Pen Length – Barrel Plus Section 110.50 mm or 4.34 inch
Pen Length – Section only 32.25 mm or 1.27 inch

Pen Cap Diameter 11.50 mm or 0.45 inch
Pen Barrel Diameter 11.25 mm or 0.44 inch
Pen Section Diameter 9.60 mm or 0.38 inch

Note 1: The actual colour of the pen may differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations

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