Vintage Rotring Core Rollerball Pen (Made in Germany)

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Vintage Rotring Core Rollerball Pen (Made in Germany)

 "It looks like a battle pen from Star Trek: The Next Generation"

This product is no more in production and is a NOS (New Old Stock), rare to find item.

Product Description:

The Core line of pens from Rotring is modern, contemporary and an ideal writing instrument with futuristic design. Its styling is detailed with an ergonomically shaped design. Its grip section provides exceptional writing comfort and control.The pen features a strong heavy duty wire type clip and metal Hex/Allen bolt type cap finial. The build quality of this pen is excellent and is suitable for a rough and tough usage.

Note: These pens were manufactured in 1999-2000, and the original Rotring Rollerball ink refill was dried out a long time ago, and it is now replaced with a Schmidt  Rollerball ink refill. The ink colors available are Blue and Black. Other ink colors are available upon request.

These pens were transported to many locations and stored for very long duration, so there might be a couple of minute press marks on the rubber overlay part of its cap.


Pen dimensions: Approximately 5.6 inches (14.3 cm) long and 0.6 inches (14.5 mm) in diameter at widest point of pen barrel.

Brand    : Rotring
Model    :   Core 
Manufacturer:    Rotring (Germany)
Body Color   :   Light Blue-Green and light grey mix
Color Scheme : Lysium (LSM) - Silver/Grey/Turquoise
Body Material:    Plastic/Metal/Rubber
Clippable    :    Yes
Clip Material :   Metal Wire Type

Ink Refillable   :     Yes
Ink Refill Type :     Standard Roller Ball Refill (old refill is replaced with Schmidt 888 Fine Point refill)
Ink Refill Color :     Blue/Black
Retractable      :     No
Cap Mechanism:     Snap Cap

Pen Length : 143.50 mm (without cap - 132.00 mm)
Pen Weight : 28.20 gm (without cap - 13.70 gm)

Diameter - Grip  : 10 -14 mm
Diameter - Barrel: 14.00 mm
Diameter - Cap : 20.50 mm

The price listed above is for one unit of Rotring Core Rollerball Pen.

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