Wality/Airmail 55 Eyedropper Fountain Pen with Kanwrite Semi Flex Nib - Green

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Wality/Airmail 55 Eyedropper Fountain Pen with Kanwrite Semi Flex Nib - Green

Product Description:

Airmail Pen Company, established in 1951 is one of the oldest pen manufacturing companies in India which produces the best fountain pens in India. They sell fountain pens in 2 brands -  Wality and Airmail.

This fountain pen is an injection molded acrylic Eyedropper pen with Ink window and a Parker model Clip. The marbled design of each pen is unique and no two pens have the same design.

The Stock nib is replaced with Kanwrite Semi-Flex nib (Made in India)

Please note that this an eyedropper fountain pen - i.e, ink is filled directly into the barrel. You cannot use Ink Cartridges/Converters.                    


Pen Type :    Fountain Pen                                

Pen Manufacturer/Brand :    Wality/Airmail                            

Pen Model:    55                                


Product Specification:                        

Pen Material & Color:                            

Cap           : Acrylic/Plastic - Green Marbled

Barrel        : Acrylic/Plastic - Green Marbled                                

Section       : Acrylic/Plastic - Green Marbled                                

Feed          : Ebonite - Black                                                        

Cap Type :   Scew Cap                                

Nib Type & Material: Kanwrite #5.5mm Semi-Flex Stainless Steel nib in Chrome Finish

Nib Points available : Fine (F) and Extra Fine (EF)                          

Filling Mechanism:    Eyedropper - ink is filled directly into the barrel. Cannot use Ink Cartridges/Converters.

Ink Capacity: 3.00 ml

Fittings:    Chrome Plated Clip, Cap rings and Cap Top & Barrel end Jewels


Pen Size :    Regular                                

Pen Weight – Capped:    17.00 gm                            

Pen Weight – Uncapped:     9.50 gm                            


Pen Length – Capped :    136.50 mm or 5.36 inches                

Pen Length – Uncapped :    124.00 mm or 4.87 inches                

Pen Length – Posted :    153.00 mm or 6.01 inches                

Pen Length – Barrel & Section :    106.00 mm or 4.17 inches                

Pen Length – Section :    18.00 mm or    0.71 inch                

Pen Length – Cap :        65.00 mm or    2.55 inches                

Pen Length – Barrel :            88.00 mm or    3.46 inches                


Pen Cap Diameter (max) :        13.50 mm or    0.53 inch                

Pen Barrel Diameter (max) :    12.00 mm or    0.47 inch                

Pen Section Diameter (max) :     10.50 mm or    0.41 inch    

Note : 1. The actual color of the pen may differ from the images because of different monitor settings/calibrations

Note : 2. The marbled design is unique to each pen. No two pens have same design. So the design you get may differ from the pictures shown.

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